Client Testimonials

  • RefresH2O Water Systems, Inc.

    Diane E. & Tim D.

    “Dear Scott,

    We have had our RefresH2O water system for a little over a month now and wish we had purchased this 11 years ago when we built our new home. What a difference from day one!! No more slimy skin stepping out of the shower, no more “orange” toilet bowls, no more lugging cases of bottled water for drinking and gallons of distilled water for the humidifier every week from Walmart or avoiding buying white clothes or towels because they would be ruined by the iron content in our water. We were quite impressed with the fact that you and one of the installers who had come to our home had worked for many, many years…that speaks volumes about the reputation of the company especially in this day and age! Both you and he were so knowledgeable and professional and were willing to answer any/all of our questions/concerns no matter how trivial. We are so glad we had this installed and you can certainly add us to you long list of happy customers.

    The couple with the “clear” water on the mountain”

  • RefresH2O Water Systems, Inc.

    Timothy & Elizabeth N

    Wow!!! What A Difference
    We are so happy we purchased the Refresh 20 Water System. It is one of the best investments ever. Been telling everyone about it.
    It is so nice having clean great tasting water. I was a die hard ice tea drinker. Now I only drink water cause it tastes so great.
    We noticed a lot of difference around our home:

    a. No residue in shower and toilets or on shampoo bottles, etc.
    b. Laundry – 1st time, the clothes were whiter, colors brighter. We used less laundry soap.
    c. Our water even seems to be hotter
    d. Noticed more softness on our skin
    e. Equipment is very low maintenance
    Just an all-round great purchase.

    Thank you again,
    Timothy & Elizabeth N